The medical contact list is for persons with an existing medical condition which requires electricity-dependent care.  In order to be placed on the medical contact list, you will need to contact us to request an application form.

Medical Contact Procedure

Once appropriate application and documentation is received, MBLP personnel will attempt to contact you or someone you have chosen to be on your additional contact list by phone of any planned or extended outages that would affect your electrical service.

In the event that you do experience an extended electrical outage, make arrangements for yourself or the person in need to ensure the necessary procedures are in place to secure the safety of yourself or the person of need in the event electrical power is not restored in a timely manner.  This may include calling 911 for assistance or contacting the appropriate medical person charged with monitoring the health situation.  You are responsible for ensuring that appropriate backup energy is available either through battery backup or an onsite generator to ensure that the medical condition will not be compromised.

Additionally, a special medical tag is placed on your electric meter alerting our Meter Department personnel who may be out in the field servicing your meter.