The MBLP tries to identify properties which are rentals. In order to do this, the landlord needs to notify us of any rental properties and needs to select reconnect options. As a landlord, you have three options available to you regarding how you want the electric service handled if you are ever in-between tenants.  These options are called RECONNECT OPTIONS, and they are as follows:

No Auto Reconnect

The BLP will shut off electric service when a tenant requests the electricity out of their name.  There will be no power at the apartment/house

Auto Reconnect

The electricity to the rental will automatically go into the landlord’s name when a tenant calls to schedule the electric service out of their name.  When this option is selected, the landlord will be charged a reduced service charge of $10 any time the electricity goes into their name, and will be responsible for the electric from that date until a new tenant contacts us and schedules service there.

Always in Landlord’s Name

The electricity will always remain in the landlord’s name.  If a tenant calls and tries to put the electricity in their name, we will not allow them.

The BLP does not inform landlords of any action by a tenant if the power is in the tenant’s name, nor will the BLP provide specific information to the landlord as to the tenant’s account.  The only time a landlord will be contacted (by mail) is if the landlord has selected the auto reconnect option and the tenant may be shut off for non-payment of their electric bill.  In this case, a letter will be mailed to the landlord advising them that the electricity for that specific rental will be transferred into their name due to a non-payment situation.  The landlord has the option to call us and have the electric shut off instead of transferred into their name.


Any future changes in ownership of rental property also needs to be reported to our billing department to prevent incurring bills in your name after you sell a rental property.

If you have any questions regarding the electric service at your rental/s call our landlord specialist at 906-228-0313.