Dam Safety is a Shared Responsibility

Since the 1920’s, the Marquette Board of Light and Power has maintained the Forestville Dam and the Tourist Park Dam located in the City and the Township of Marquette. 

These dams provide many benefits to our community and we pride ourselves in taking the best care of them that is possible.  But they can also pose a significant flood risk if they fail. 

Because Dam Safety is a shared responsibility, you are encouraged to know your risk, know your role, know the benefits of our local dams and take action in an emergency.

Know your risk: 

Unfortunately, in May of 2003, a breach in the Silver Lake Basin Dam caused a release of 8 billion  gallons of water along the Dead River causing $100 million worth of damage and power outages all across the area.  The flood destroyed the Tourist Park Hydro Plant and Dam.   During the next ten years, the BLP worked tirelessly with the city, community members and Federal and State authorities to restore the plant and the dam.     

In October 10, 2012, after spending $4.8 million, the Tourist Park Dam was rededicated to the community.  The MBLP continues to work with Federal and State authorities to maintain and monitor these dams. 

Know your role:

Know your dams in your area and be aware of potential maintenance issues and report them to the BLP or authorities immediately.

The MBLP works with Federal and State regulators to comply with all the safety standards and has a Emergency Action Plan in place.  

Know the Benefits of our Dams:

These dams provide hydropower to the BLP for transmission to the City of Marquette and nine surrounding townships.

These dams offer many recreational activities for the community, such as, access to fishing, kayaking, swimming, along with acres of wildlife habitat, trails and wetlands to enjoy. 

Take Action:

Your responsibility is to know your evacuation routes and have an Emergency Action Plan in place for your family and/or business should you need to evacuate quickly due to a dam failure upstream.

Maintain Federal flood insurance if you live near or below a dam.  For more information go to www.fema.gov/related-links-about-dams.  To learn more about Tourist Park, view our Commemorative Video.