We know that a few pennies can have a powerfully positive impact on our community. The Generating Change Program is a convenient and painless way for Marquette Board of Light & Power customers to help needy families in our community. Participants can agree to round up their utility bill to the next highest dollar each month, with the extra change going to provide one-time utility assistance to customers who can’t make their utility bill payments during the winter months. The Generating Change Program is administered by the Salvation Army of Marquette County, which screens applicants and determines the level of support for each. All proceeds will stay within the Marquette Board of Light & Power community.

For more information, call our billing office at 906-228-0311.


1.  Round up -  With this option, we will round up your monthly utility bill to the next whole dollar.

2.  Round up and add a dollar - With this option, we’ll round up your monthly utility bill to the next whole dollar and add an additional $1 each month. You have the choice to leave it set at the $1 default or increase to any amount you choose.

3.  One time donation -  You can also make a one-time donation to the program. This will not show on your monthly utility bill.

The total amount contributed for the year will be included on your January statement. You can use this statement for your tax reporting purposes.


Fill out Generating Change Form and send in with your statement! 



Beginning Monday, September 24, 2018, the Marquette Board of Light and Power (MBLP) will begin brushing overhead power lines in the right-of-ways and easements in the Shiras Hills subdivision (East and West) within the City of Marquette.  Brushing activities are an important component of the MBLP’s Vegetation Management program; the goal of this program is to ensure continuous and reliable electric service to our customers while allowing system maintenance to be performed safely and efficiently as needed.   Brushing activities include the removal and trimming of tree limbs, branches, and other vegetation along overhead power lines, but does not include the removal of lawn shrubs, fruit trees, or other ornamentals.   Brush, aspen, pine, and other small timber will be chipped and disposed of by the MBLP, this includes all Ash in an effort to help prevent the spread of Emerald Ash Borer.  Saleable hardwood, four inches or greater in diameter, will be left along the edge of the road right-of-ways and utility easements.  Landowners adjoining the brushed right-of-ways and easements are permitted to remove cut timber for personal use.  Upon request, remaining timber will be picked up and disposed of by the MBLP after the project has been completed.  For the safety of the public, our employees, and contractors, please do not approach crews while they are working.  The tasks that they perform put them near energized equipment where the utmost focus and concentration is necessary.  MBLP Vegetation Management program questions should be directed to Ben Collins, Manager of Distribution Engineering Services, at (906) 228-0300.  Information regarding invasive species and how to ensure the safety and quality of our forests is available from the Marquette Conservation District at www.marquettecd.com. Additional resources are also available at www.dontmovefirewood.org and from the Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development.