Mutual Aid Assistance in Florida

Marquette Board of Light and Power (MBLP) Journeyman Line Electricians Kevin Wright and Nick Quayle (from left to right aloft in the bucket) and Nate Chaperon on the ground are shown performing power restoration work in Florida through a Mutual Aid call from the American Public Power Association.  The MBLP sent four Journeyman Line Electrician’s including Service Crew Foreman Pat Aho (not pictured) who were among approximately 28,000 linemen nationwide dispatched to help restore power in Florida due to the devastating damage caused by Hurricane Irma several weeks ago. The MBLP’s four (4) volunteer linemen drove two company vehicles more than 3,400 miles round trip to Fort Pierce, Florida where they were assigned to help the Fort Pierce Utilities Authority. They worked long, 16-hour days for two weeks with heat indexes greater than 100 degrees to repair electric utility lines and customer services. Their efforts helped to restore power to almost 20,000 customers. After conditions in Fort Pierce improved enough to make any further repairs manageable by the utility’s own resources, MBLP’s linemen were asked to travel further south to Homestead, Fla. where the impacts of Hurricane Irma were more substantial and sustained. Acting Director Tom Carpenter said he was happy the MBLP was able to help those in Florida who needed our assistance. “We asked for Mutual Aid volunteers and our crews responded overwhelmingly. We were able to send four excellent representatives of the MBLP and Michigan. We are proud of them.”

Fort Pierce, Florida


MARQUETTE – The Marquette Board of Light and Power’s (MBLP’s) 480 panel Community Solar Garden began producing clean, renewable energy September 19 on a bright, sunny fall day. The MBLP’s Solar Garden located adjacent to the utility’s Main Office and new Marquette Energy Center on Wright St. is the first commercial solar project in the Upper Peninsula which allows customers to participate in renewable solar power without having to install solar panels on their homes or property.

MBLP customers so far have purchased 322 panels at a cost of $499 per panel and will receive a $.063 per kilowatt (kWh) credit beginning on their November light bills for power generated by the solar panels.  It is estimated that each panel will annually produce an average of 382 kWh resulting in just over $24 in solar credits per panel. Customers can purchase as many panels as they desire as long as they are not producing more energy than they are consuming over the course of a year, up to a maximum purchase of 30 panels.  The life expectancy of the panels are 25 years with the pay back being estimated in 20 years.  Because the purchased panels are individually owned, the purchase may qualify for Federal Tax Incentives.

“The utility’s Community Solar Garden is a win-win project for the community and the MBLP,” said Acting Director Tom Carpenter. “Our customers can participate in clean, renewable solar energy and they will receive a monthly credit on their energy bills for doing so,” he said. “The MBLP is managing this program which our customers have wanted for several years now and is also good for the environment.  The time was right for us to do the project,” Carpenter said.    

Local owned and operated solar provider, Peninsula Solar was awarded the bid for the project at a cost of $276,000. The solar project is funded by those who purchase the solar panels.  The panels have a warrantee from the manufacturer and will be monitored daily for output by MBLP staff and the manufacturer. In the near future, our web site will show the daily, weekly, monthly, and annual output of the MBLP’s Community Solar Garden.

Panels are still available for purchase by calling the MBLP at 228-0313 or Michigan Energy Options at 226-0573.   For more information or to sign up, please visit



Beginning Monday, June 5, 2017, the Marquette Board of Light and Power will be brushing power line right-of-ways/easements in Marquette Township. This brushing clears MBLP primary overhead power lines of tree limbs, branches, and associated brush, which ensures continuous/reliable service to our customers while allowing system maintenance to be performed safely and efficiently as needed. Brush, aspen, pine, and other small timber will be chipped and disposed of by the MBLP. All saleable hardwood four (4) inches or greater in diameter will be left along the edge of the road right-of-ways and utility easements until completion of the project. During this period, landowners adjoining the brushed right-of-ways/easements can remove any cut timber for personal use. Upon request, after project completion, remaining timber will be picked up and disposed of by the MBLP. Completion of this brushing project is expected by October 31, 2017.  Any questions regarding the MBLP power line brushing program can be directed to Karl Benstrom, Manager of Distribution, at (906) 228-0309.



The Marquette Board of Light and Power (MBLP) was recently notified by a commercial customer that they had been contacted via telephone and were advised their electric service would be disconnected if they didn’t provide financial or credit card information to make payment within 30 minutes.

This most recent telephone scam was NOT from the MBLP’s office located in Marquette. The phone number reported was from the Houston, Texas area. Our Marquette customer service staff works closely with customers and various agencies to help those who need assistance paying their bills.  If a MBLP employee was to call you, it would be from a local, Marquette phone number.  The MBLP was targeted by a similar phone scam last summer by a caller was from the Detroit area.  In both instances, utility staff notified the Marquette Police Department of the scams.

If you receive a telephone call from anyone threatening disconnection of your electric service from the MBLP, do not provide any financial information, write down the phone number, hang up, and call the MBLP at 228-0311 during regular business hours or after hours seven days a week at 228-0300.  Our phones are answered 24/7 by MBLP employees. MBLP DOES NOT DISCONNECT service over the phone and in all cases the customer is contacted by mail first.