Tips to avoid Scams

Potential Scams

The World Health Organization WHO has warned that scammers are taking advantage of the COVID-19 outbreak to send phishing emails, texts and social media posts. Be on the lookout for these scams asking for personal information or selling phony products and never click on malicious links or attachments. For the most up-to-date facts, visit the CDC or WHO.

In addition, imposters posing as MBLP employees may use COVID-19 as an excuse to take advantage of individuals and small businesses. These scammers may call or show up at customer homes demanding immediate payment to avoid service shutoff. Be on the lookout for scammers demanding payment or asking for personal information. If you are contacted and concerned that it is a scam attempt contact a MBLP representative directly by dialing (906) 228-0311.

2021-03-16 Scam Alert

If you received one of these calls, it is not the MBLP.

We do not currently utilize any pre-recorded messages or robo-calling services to contact our customers.

06-23-2020 Scam Alert

Scam Alert