26th Annual Poster Contest "Reducing Your Carbon Footprint"

This year’s theme encourages students to think of ways to reduce their carbon footprint in order to take care of our world. Some illustrations that the students used in their posters were ways to conserve water and electricity, reduce, reuse and recycle household items, eat locally grown foods and walk or bike instead of driving.


Front Row (L to R): Honorable Mention winners – Kiersten Ferguson, Natalie Deneau, Larson Marquardt, Alex Gethers and Laura Markey.
Back Row (L to R): 1st Place winner Callie Tonella, Honorable Mention winner Josie Matheny, 3rd Place winner Bella Forslund, Honor Mention winner Samantha Hollinshead, 2nd Place winner Mikey Colleur, and other Honorable Mention winners – Libby Kelly, Claire Maskart and Sophia Capuana.