36th Annual MBLP Lighting Contest

We have completed the judging of the 36th Annual MBLP Lighting Contest.

For the winner's list click 2018 Winners List and for a driving guide, click Customer Driving Guide 2018.   

There are some unbelievable lighting displays out there so pack up the car and enjoy the "Christmas Cards to the Community!"

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

Noreen Collins, Contest Coordinator

MBLP's 35th Annual Lighting Contest - 2017

2017 Winners List

2017 Routing Guide

Customer Driving Guide



Sandy Tahtinen at 322 Lakewood entered the contest for the first time this year.  Even though there was tough competition with ten entries in this category, she took 1st Place in Rudolph’s Rookies. She created a very colorful display which was bright and cheery in the darkened night.  Sandy is pictured with her granddaughter, Madison. 

AT 1516 Lincoln Avenue, Kim Brennan with the help of her dad, Tom, created  another beautiful display with even more decorations.  The new blowup that really stands out is her giant, Santa arch in the front of her house, very unique.  The yard might be small but she does not have a problem making a great display every year.  Thanks so much Kim and Tom!

Mary Bawden has been in the contest for 10 years and each year, she creates a beautiful little display for her grandson, Jacob and the community to enjoy.  She fills her yard with blowups, candy canes, snowmen, Santa and even an M&M character.  Her display is in mostly white and red lights with just a smattering of color.  The judges loved her beautiful snowflake lights outlining her house.  It is a delightful lighting display that young and old will enjoy!   1st Place in Frosty’s Favorites.

Carl St.Onge has been decorating for many years and it shows.  Their entire yard, house and garage are always tastefully decorated.  This year, he added more ornaments on the porch and an enclosed glass Country Village scene.  I also loved his handmade Ferris wheel.  He once again has done a beautiful job with his creative design using the natural beauty of his yard. First Place in Child Bright Delight.

The Carter Family, John, Caitlin, Samantha and Stacey have done it again!   Even when you think they have absolutely no more room to expand, John comes up with another idea!  This summer, John built a bridge and wooden stairs to reach the very edge of his property in which he filled with yet more new decorations.  In this spot, he created a couple of different displays, one is a beautiful nativity scene all in white.  It glows so bright in the night! He has added a dog sled display, created Frosty’s green house and even has a collection of blowup dinosaurs.  Stacey and the girls were also busy making another enclosed display with carolers singing outside a traditional, colonial home which was created from an old doll house.  The home is quite impressive, especially the tiny rock borders around the windows and doors, nice touch!  Which brings to mind, the many displays they have made with incredible detail and creativity.  It is just amazing!  I can’t say enough about this stop.  Just a tip, in order to see the whole display, you really need to take a walk through the yard. Believe me, you won’t be disappointed.  First Place in the Winner’s Circle.


For the last three years, (l-r) Justin, Janeen & Allison L’Huillier, Claudette and son Matt Pryor, Janet Cobb and Tom Dagenais have put their heads together and have created an amazing North Pole Neighborhood at 938, 1000 and 1002 Wilson Street. They call themselves “The Griswold’s of Wilson Street”.  The three displays were so organized and flowed so smoothly from yard to yard, you really could not tell where each yard began or ended.  Of course, this year that are many new additions, Janeen added a display from the movie “The Nightmare on Christmas Eve”.  Claudette added an amazing display with a flowing river of lights and deer sipping from it and how about the group of Snowmen warming up by the campfire, very creative.  Make sure you roll down the windows and listen to the Christmas music and don’t miss Santa in the window singing and dancing.  First Place in North Pole Neighborhood