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Voluntary Green Pricing (VGP) Renewable Energy Program Information

  • What is VGP?

    The Marquette Board of light and Power has partnered with the MPPA to offer the VGP program.  This is a voluntary program where customers are able to elect that a portion of their energy (kWh) usage is tied to renewable generated energy.

    It provides a low cost method for customers to participate in renewable energy projects.

    The program supports renewable energy projects within the State of Michigan by adding a secondary marketable component to the energy the projects produce.  This is called a Renewable Energy Certificate (REC).

  • What is a Renewable Energy Certificate (REC)?

    Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), also known as Green tags, Renewable Energy Credits, Renewable Electricity Certificates, or Tradable Renewable Certificates (TRCs), are tradable, non-tangible energy commodities in the United States that represent proof that 1 megawatt-hour (MWh) of electricity was generated from an eligible renewable energy resource (renewable electricity) and was fed into the shared system of power lines which transport energy, the Grid.

    See the Wikipedia Page for more information.

  • How does the VGP Program Work?

    Customers are able to voluntarily elect for a portion of their energy (kWh) usage to be tied to renewably generated energy.  To do this follow the steps below:

    1) Visit: the VGP Sign-up page.

    2) Fill in the required customer information.

    3) Elect to participate at one of the four levels:  Platinum (100%), Gold (75%), Silver (50%), or Bronze (25%). Customers will receive a VGP Program sticker to proudly display.

    4) BLP Staff will make contact and then activate the program associated with the account information provided within the next billing cycle.

    5) Customers will see a charge on their electric bill called VGP Program Election.

  • How much does it cost?

    $0.01 per kwH

    Once a customer signs-up and elects one of the four levels, they will see a line item on their bill called VGP Program Election.

    The program cost is subject to change and will be reviewed at least annually.

  • Customer Examples:

    Average Residential Customer

    • Typical monthly usage 700 kWh
    • Elects to be a VGP Bronze Level Customer (25% election)
    • Customer see VGP charges of:
      • $1.75 per month
      • $21.00 per year

    Average small-sized Commercial Customer

    • Typical monthly usage 9,500 kWh
    • Elects to be a VGP Platinum Level Customer (100% election)
    • Customer will see VGP charges of:
      • $95.00 per month
      • $1,140 per year

    Average mid-sized Commercial Customer

    • Typical monthly usage 50,000 kWh
    • Elects to be a VGP Silver Level Customer (50% election)
    • Customer will see VGP charges of:
      • $250.00 per month
      • $3,000.00 per year
  • How to Sign-up

    Have your account number ready and visit the sign-up page here:  VGP Sign-up or stop-in our 2200 Wright St. offices and speak to a customer service representative or call (906) 228-0311 and one of our team members will assist you.