Commercial Customer Payment Assiatance Options

If you need assistance paying your non-residential electric bill, Lake Superior Community Partnership may be able to help.  Recourses and information regarding help is available at or you can contact Lake Superior Community Partnership at (906)-226-9658.


If you have a question regarding your bill, contact our billing department at 906-228-0311, or stop by our billing office at 2200 Wright Street in Marquette.

Frequently asked questions about a bill:

What is the “Fuel Adjustment” charge on my bill?

This figure represents the difference between the amount included in the per KwH rate for fuel and the actual costs of fuel used during the billing period.  This amount fluctuates from month-to-month in association with the fluctuations in fuel costs.

What is the “Fixed Charge” on my bill?

This monthly charge is to recover the costs of billing, customer service, and a portion of the operation and maintenance of the distribution system.

What is the “MI Energy Optimization” charge on my bill?

Fall 2008, the Michigan legislature passed the Clean, Renewable, and Efficient Energy Act (Public Act 295 of 2008).  The new law requires that electric and natural gas utilities in Michigan implement Energy Optimization (EO) programs designed to reduce energy use by encouraging investment in more energy efficient products.  To fund these new energy efficient programs, all electric and natural gas customers in the State of Michigan will be charged a monthly Energy Optimization surcharge which will appear as a separate line item on their energy bill.